When a guest makes a reservation for a stay at the Heather House,  we agree to turn away all other requests for the room you select, we remove your unique room from all marketing, availability calendar and  the online reservation system and you agree to pay the rate quoted for the number of days you reserve. Because of our size, location, demand and seasonal aspect of our business, cancellations affect us significantly. Therefore we adhere to a strict cancellation policy. A Reservation cancelled more than 10 days prior to your arrival date will be refunded less a $25 processing fee. For cancellations less than 10 days but more than 96 hours a 50% refund will be provided. If a Cancellation is made less than 96 hours prior to the arrival date the guest is responsible for the entire reservation.  We cannot be responsible for cancellations due to threat of bad weather, cancelled flights, family emergencies, or other travel related emergencies. Vacation Insurance is available on line and is a inexpensive way to protect you against unexpected events. There is no refund for early departures. Cancellations must be made by calling the Heather House and speaking to someone live.  Messages left on the answering machine, email, facebook or Instagram are not accepted. 

A Special cancellation policy exists for groups or individuals reserving more than 2 rooms or 2 days for any given date. This policy extends the cancellation notification period from 10 days to 30 days and all above fees and conditions apply.

GIFT CERTIFICATES: We only accept Heather House gift Certificates and Michigan Bed and Breakfast Association (previously known as Lake to Lake) gift certificates. 

CHILDREN: Our facility is not equipped to accommodate children.

PETS: For the safety and comfort of our guests, pets are not permitted. Please contact us in advance and we will be happy to provide you with boarding options in the area.